[Tutorial] Adding Simple BGM or Background Music

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[Tutorial] Adding Simple BGM or Background Music

Post by CometStrife on Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:34 am

Simple BGM or Background Music

Adding Custom Selectable Background Music
1. Your music that you want to be in UKWXP
2. Convert it to .ogg file with any Music Coder or the following websites
Online OGG Converter
Free Online Audio Converter
Online Audio Converter
3. Ensure that the sound has a frequency of 44,100Hz or less, and it is MONO only. (IMPORTANT, If this is not done, the game gives an error)
4. Place it in the BGM folder located at
Default folder C:\\Program Files\Ultimate Knight WindomXP\Game\Sound\MyBgm

And you can now select the audio when selecting music is an option.

Custom Music for Maps

If you want your music to be played on a specific map follow this steps

1) Repeat steps 1. and 2. Above
2) Rename your song/music file
According to the map you want to it to be played in

Air raid.ogg = City2
Blessing.ogg = skyland
CharaSelect.ogg = Character Selection
Confrontation.ogg = City
Engagement.ogg = In2
Enterawarmode2.ogg = City4
Enterawarmode3.ogg = City5
Farthest Gate.ogg = In
hangar.ogg = hangar
Light Breeze.ogg = moon
room.ogg =
title0.ogg = TITLE
Tracker.ogg = City_tac
Wild Race.ogg = CROSS
Wilderness.ogg = City3

3) Replace the file in
Default folder C:\\Program Files\Ultimate Knight WindomXP\Game\Sound

And you are done. The map that you selected should have its Stage BGM as the music file that you wanted.

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