[Tutorial] How to Render an Image (Simple Explanation)

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[Tutorial] How to Render an Image (Simple Explanation) Empty [Tutorial] How to Render an Image (Simple Explanation)

Post by Minty Kitty on Mon Feb 27, 2012 9:31 pm

This is the Simple Version of how to create a Render: Written by Hikari ^^ (Mai Tokiha)

1: Find a good image: Preferably one that shows the entire body if not most of it.

2: Once u have your image, open up PHOTOSHOP, if you dont have it, ask me and i can give u a REALLY good torrent for it ^^

3: Once u have Photoshop open, open ur image up in Photoshop..now follow these steps TO THE LETTER.

-Press "Layers" - "New Layer" - "Background From Layer" - "Ok"

4: Now ur ready to start rendering...but Rendering can be an Ass...especially if your character has a lot of hair...So...heres something you should NEVER DO...NEVER...EVER...EEEVVERR..Use the Auto Select Tool...the tool that selects the area that u clicked...THAT is NEVER Reliable as it goes by coloring and lighting..so if u choose a part that is close to the hair but the hair color matches the BG a bit..it will also select INSIDE The Hair and u dont want that.

5: Select the tool BELOW That...the Good'ol Lasso Tool :D

6: Now this is the annoying part...your going to want to zoom in at least 4 - 6 times for it to turn out good...to do this go to...

- "View" - "Zoom in"
- Press Zoom in 4 - 5 times.

7: Now u need to keep ur hand STEADY AND GO SLOWLY! With the Lasso tool Selected...choose a starting point..preferably the bottom or top of the picture (I recommend the bottom). Now...click the Start of the Character on the bottom...and DRAG (With the mouse still being held), the cursor ALONG the Edge of ur character..try to keep it ON THE LINED EDGE...That way u dont have any spots hanging out. Once u get a fair amount lined...KEEP IT HELD...Go OUT ways and redirect ur Curser to ur starting point while going away from the Edge to the start...u should notice u created some kind of Ovalish Circle shape...some kind of enclosed area..now just hit Delete and..Congratz u just partially rendered a pic ^^

8: Keep this up till its done, dont be afraid to go slowly and take ur time. I've spent 3 whole days - a week on a render. So dont be afraid if its taking to long...and DONT BE AFRAID TO DESELECT UR LINE! To do this..if u messed up with keeping it on the edge...let go of the curser...and right click anywhere on the picture and select "Deselect", now ur free to try again.

9: When ur done, go to "File" "Save for Webs and Devices" and on the top right u should see a Dropdown List...select "PNG24" then select Save, in the middle of the popup box with all that...u should see ur pic...thats the ACTUAL size it will be when u use it on a forum as a Avatar. So, if u need to resize it...go to "Image" "Image Size" and make sure "Constrain Proportions" is checked, and change it i recommend to at least 200 - 400 Pixels lower...if the pic is over 1000 pixels...then around 400 - 500 pixels should do fine ^^

Hope this helped ^^

I might make a video Tutorial on this since a lot of people want to do this ^^

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