[Tutorial] Make your units float with .HOD editing (Basic)

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[Tutorial] Make your units float with .HOD editing (Basic)

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 12, 2012 2:44 am

Want your mech to have a floating effect due to you feel walking mechs are so yesterday?   walk :gergr:

I'm just kidding, though this tutorial might help you if you plan to add some realism regarding some mechs that aren't functioned to walk.

A. Standing Pose

Just follow the steps below.

1 - Copy the Script.ani you want and decompress using AniTool.
2 - Open folder 07 and Open 03_robo_fly_up02.hod with hex editor.
3 - Copy the body.x position data.

4 - Go back and open folder 1 and open 01_robo_stand. Replace the body.x positioning data with the one from folder 07


5 - Do the same to the remaining.

6 - Compile the Script.ani and Play the game. You will have something that looks like this.

7 - Now play the game and look for feet positions you want for the left and right legs when standing. In this picture, I select folder 22 A.K.A. Flying.

8 - Now go back to Ani_Output. Copy the leg position data of folder 22. Start from leg1 to the corresponding leg up to its output. The leg3 or leg3_r always has an output.x after it.

9 - Go back to folder 01 and replace the ones at folder 01 01_robo_stand, 02, and 03 with the positioning data of the legs
10 - If done correctly. You will have something that looks like this.

Optional: Hand position.

You're probably thinking. I already made the unit float, so why don't I modify its hand pose so it will have an original feel.

Alright, hand pose we go. To be updated...  :troll:

B. Gliding/Dashing (TO BE ADDED)

"Turning on the burners while doing nothing"
Modify script.spt and set burner values.

Add BURNER(0);BURNER(1); to tail.dat on folder 01 corresponding to the spt.

And voila.

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