[Tutorial] Make a Folder a Picture for Organizing Mods

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[Tutorial] Make a Folder a Picture for Organizing Mods

Post by Guest on Thu May 24, 2012 9:30 pm

I made a tutorial on this awhile back (a long time ago) but that was a bad one with no pictures and I no longer use my old computer so i need to do this all over again so i decided to make another tutorial to help anyone else out who wants to do this (old one http://www.winz00e.com/t788-tutorial-make-a-folder-a-picuter-in-windows-i-know-how-to-for-mac-too)

ok first go to where you have your mods/robos stored

then choose what robo you want to do this for and open etranscode

then choose select.png and decode it

then you open it up in your picture editing program (i used fireworks because it opens default with it for me)

and save it as a bmp file into your robo folder (can be anyfolder but that is easiest to manage for one at a time)
(you can also just make all your robos select.bmps at one time and save them to their own folder and name them the name of the robo you are using so you can do it all at one time)

then you rename the bmp to ico (its the same format but ico allows you to use it as picture for folder)

Next you right click the folder of the icon that you are changing

choose properties

choose the customize tab

browse for you ico file

select it and apply in properties

then bam the folder is now a picture of the select.png file so you can tell which robo it is
this is very useful but if you have tons of mechs like me its going to take forever to do

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