[Tutorial] Changing Mech Name, HP, Stats

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[Tutorial] Changing Mech Name, HP, Stats

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 20, 2010 12:55 am

Diz is how to change stats for newbie ... dun bash me here cuz I often found question like how, what and WoW.. so I'm just making diz post to HELP any1 that wanna do urs urself

1st.. open robo folder... then find script spt..

then decrypt it with this.. u can find it in in this site.. (look around a little)

after decrpting it (if u dunno how.. lightningdragon96 already had a post on how to use decryptor.. look around)
open and search for this

for yellow and blue highlight.. u already know what it is.. now the purple 1.. i change its properties so the mech had INFINITE booster and energy..

now for burner.. the highlight part is for left and right backpack.. i recommend 8.0.. no more or ur eyes will burn too

so if u had anything to share do it here..

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