[Tutorial] Hosting Non-Hamachi Server with No-IP

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[Tutorial] Hosting Non-Hamachi Server with No-IP Empty [Tutorial] Hosting Non-Hamachi Server with No-IP

Post by CometStrife on Sun Dec 26, 2010 3:22 am

Note: A non-hamachi server will depend on the computer of the person hosting it, and so it WON'T lag if the host's computer is fast + non-laggy, and there is at least 1 other person who have a pro comp as well, connecting to the host.

Eg. if there is 2 players, both players must not have laggy computers to make the game non-lag. If there is 3 players or more, at least 2 people must have non-laggy computers. :D

1. Portforward ranges 2362-2366 and 3362-3366, TCP

Don't spam me with emails asking how to portforward. There are guides on the net. Search them yourself, and remember to update them everytime you want to play online. shoot

2. Go to No-IP (The wonderful free service provider for people who likes free things like me :D),
or any other free dns website.

3. Sign up with your email account. After logging in, you will probably reach somewhere here. No-IP Members <--- Note: there is a difference whether you sign in or not, so it's a must to sign in before that.

4. Click on "Add a Host" (a picture)

5. (i) Type in ur hostname

(ii) Choose a domain that you like in "NO-IP Free Domains" (for free servers). For the host type, keep it to DNS Host (A).

(iii) For Ip address, enter the number you see here Check Your IP Address (Not so sure about this, but almost all of the free dns host will update your IP properly, so don't worry)

(iv) Leave the rest as it is, and click on "Create Host".

6) Download the No-IP program here No-IP Download (very small program. Only 2.8mb) <--- Just found out they recently updated it, so it's really user-friendly now for beginners.

Note: For different websites, there are different programs. Just make sure you download the right one.

7) Log in to the program.

8 ) In the Online Battle Mode, to connect to the hoster, just type in the domain name of the hoster's server,
example, winz00e4eva.malware-site.www.

The host can just connect using Localhost, but the others have to connect using winz00e4eva.malware-site.www, and if the host dc, everyone else will. The host is also responsible for maintaining the server.

I have tested this and it works. In fact, I have been playing online very much often with my friends :D , anyone tested this and it does not work, feel free to pm me (unless it is regarding port-forwarding) :x

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