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test thread dont mind it

Post by Minty Kitty on Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:04 pm

Sayuki Kurobane
Weapons Utamaru&Archimedes + Sköll&Hati = Lindwurm
Power D
Speed S
Range S
Vitality A
Precision B
Mana C
Potential F


  • Utamaru (うたまる utamaru): the white gun (Brittle as a result of the OOPart being cracked).

  • Archimedes (アルキメデス arukimedesu): the black gun (Brittle as a result of the OOPart being cracked).

  • Sköll (スコール sukōru): the white foot armor.

  • Hati (ハティ hati) the black foot armor

  • Lindwurm (リンドヴルム rindovurumu): the true form of Sayuki's magic, containing the mixed power of Utamaru, Archimedes, Sköll and Hati. Its power is many times higher, however.


  • Schwarz Weiss (福音の魔弾(ヴァイス・シュヴァルツ) shuwaisu shuvuwarutsu; German for Black and White, Japanese for Gospel Magical Bullets): Sayuki's basic ability is to track and recognize the sound generated by her opponent to act accordingly.

  • Einhart (術式固定(アインハルト)ainharuto):

  • Razen (術式固定解除(ラーゼン) rāzen):

  • Flugel Blitz (瞬間魔力換装(フリューゲル・ブリッツ) furyūgeru burittsu; English for Flugel Blitz, Japanese for Instant Magical Retrofit): Sayuki uses this Rune to increase her body capacity so that she can handle her power more efficiently.

  • Sturm Kreuz (正邪必滅の流星群(シュトゥルム・クロイツ) shutourumu kuroitsu; German for Storm Cross, Japanese for Meteor of Right and Wrong): this attack takes a great deal of time to prepare, but the result it can bring about is worthwhile. To use this Last Resort, Sayuki has to create magical bullets high in the air while not detonating any of them. When the necessary number of bullets is achieved, she lets all of them fall down the enemy like a devastating black and white downpour of energy. Thereotically speaking, executing this move without a partner is impossible, but Sayuki managed to pull it off in her battle with Momiji without her noticing.

  • Aquarianage (総ての果てにある福音(アクエリアンエイジ) akuerian'eiji; English for "Aquarian Age", Japanese for "The Gospel At the End of All"):

  • Nordström (高次術式固定(ノルドシュトルム) norudoshutorumu; Japanese for "Fixed Skill Formula High-order"):

  • Schwarzschild (高次術式固定解除(シュヴァルツシルト) shuwarutsushiruto; German for "Black Sign/Black Shield", Japanese for "Fixed Skill Formula High-order Release"):

  • Overload Schwarz Weiss (永劫なる福音の魔弾(オーバーロード・ヴァイス・シュヴァルツ) ōbārōdo shuwaisu shuvuwarutsu; English for "Overloaded Schwarz Weiss", Japanese for "The Magic Bullet Called Eternity")

Other Abilities

  • Martial Arts: Sayuki can move faster than her shots and combined with Fluegel Blitz, her physical attacks can disarm opponents.


- Sayuki's characteristics match that of a cool-dere. She usually keeps herself cool and collected, but not antagonizing herself. She only speaks when necessary, but when she does her messages are direct and to the point. She deals with family matters differently, however, showing her soft side easily to the point that most characters are taken aback. In addition, she also has brother complex towards her brother, Reiji Yoshino. She views Reiji as her most important family and would go to any extend to protect him, to the point that she takes things too seriously at times. On the contrary however, she is on bad terms with Momiji Satomura due to Momiji's attempt to kill Reiji early in the story. As the story progressed, Momiji developed a more condescending attitude towards her, but Sayuki still stayed on high alert around Momiji.


- Sayuki has white hair, about shoulder-length, and deep brown eyes. She wears a black ribbon to keep her hair from getting into her face, also she wears a yellow pandent around her neck . At school she wears a normal school uniform, outside of school she wears a faded black shirt over her uniform and black panty-hoes. Her casual clothes consist of a white shirt, short purple pants, black stockings, and brown boots.

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