Macross 30 (PS3)

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Macross 30 (PS3)

Post by InfinitasImpetum on Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:36 pm

The game is set in year 2060, 50 years after the Space War I conflict seen in the first Macross series and one year after the Vajra War seen in Macross Frontier. Above the planet Ouroboros in the far reaches of the galaxy, S.M.S. pilot Leon Sagaki is suddenly attacked by an unknown enemy and shot down in his VF-25 Messiah. There, he is rescued by the heroine Aisha Blanchette, the young Zentradi head of S.M.S.'s branch on Ouroboros.
Due to the intermittent space-fold faults known as "Ouroboros Aurora," Leon cannot immediately return home. He decides to join Aisha in investigating the planet's ruins, and while on an underground survey, the two discover a sleeping girl named Mina Forte. Unknown to them, their fates will be crossed with the ones throughout space and time.

release date: already out

i will get this game if i had the money, looks interesting.

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