Miyako - The Crimson Flame ~Background Story~

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Miyako - The Crimson Flame ~Background Story~

Post by Minty Kitty on Tue Jul 02, 2013 1:58 pm

Name: Miyako
Nickname: The Crimson Flame
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese
Height: 6ft
Weight: 102 lbs
Location: Streets of Ritsuko City
Residence: None
Personality: Strong Willed, Violent Temper, Protective, Shy When Talked about her Looks, Compassionate, Kind.

Current Disposition Towards Others:
Due to her past being full of nothing but pain...she is afraid to interact with others because she is afraid she will lose control...and she has become quite sensitive when it comes to discussion of where she's from. Therefor, she has developed a reflex, that when she talks to someone...she looks away from them...sometimes just her eyes and sometimes her whole head. This can annoy others, if they get a good look at her and find out where she was born, they just push her backwards and call her a "Monster".

She has Medium Length Dark Pinkish Hair thats in a Twin Tail tied by 2 Black Ribbons with a Black Insignia Hairclip. She has Pinkish Eyes like a Crimson Fire. She Wears a Black Shirt with "0F" on the back. She wears A Black Checkered Skirt and Long Black Socks with Brown Shoes. She also wears a Black Wristguard on each Arm.

Race Info (Human):
Humans are the Most Well Known Species on Earth. They are Humanoid Shaped Creatures with Very High Intelligence. They have Built Cities, Villages, Towns, Roads and Transportation Vehicles. Their REAL Origin is Unconfirmed, There is a Theory that States they Evolved From a Demonic Species Called Apious (Apolunos), Although this hasnt been completely proven, it is Widely Accepted and used for which they Came From.

Humans are What Demons and Creatures Call "Pure" Creatures. They are Untainted and Unshaved by the Unatural Laws of the Outside World of "Tails, Anthro Ears, Magic" Etc. However Some Humans get Curious and Study into the "Black Arts", which is a Form Of Magic that mostly Ends up Badly. Involving Either Cursing People, Killing People or Creating Creatures. Though the Amount of People who practice this is Few. Most Humans call "Impure" Creatures..."Demons or Monsters" Because they do not know what they are, Who they are, or if they are Dangerous Or Violent. So when they see them, They Run in Fear. But The Underlying Truth...Is that they just dont Understand them...

Her Life Up Till Now:
Miyako is a 17 year old Human Girl. She was born with very odd colored Eyes and Hair. Her eyes and hair were a Dark Pinkish color. Almost like a Red Fire. Everyone in the room gasped when they saw this. Because in the villages past, there was a women with the same colored eyes and hair, who brought destruction to the village. This women, had the ability to control fire. The villagers found out this women was actually a demon who had possessed a womens body. The villagers had sealed her away, but the demons last words were "I shall have my revenge! Soon, a child will be born who will inherit my powers and ambition! You will all burn!". The demon then was sealed away and cast into the abyss. Although this child now showed the signs that the demons last words were true, they didnt want to jump to conclusions. So they let the parents take Miyako home. Hoping that she would turn out ot be a normal girl and live a happy life....

When Miyako started School, she was shunned by every child and teacher in the school. They called her words like "Demon", "Freak", Weirdo", "Abomination"..and other harsh words in their villages language. She was alone and miserable. But she never gave up trying to make friends and to socialize with everyone, even those who called her names. But she would just get laughed at, rejected and pushed to the ground. Whenever she went home she would put on a fake smile for her parents, because she didnt want to worry them. But her parents had a growing suspician of what was really going on. But they still had hope she could gain just 1 friend...and everything would turn out ok.

When Miyako was 6, she started developing very unique abilities. She was extremely athletic for her age. She could jump far distances, run very fast...but thats not all. When she alone at home one day...she was in the backyard...and she got scared by a dog that had passed by and accidentally shot a flame out of her hands. She wasnt old enough to truly understand what had happened. She thought that something had gone off or she stepped on something. So she went back inside, went to her room and took a nap. In her sleep, she had a dream. In this dream, it was utter darkness. She couldnt see anything in all directions. Then, she saw a shadowy figure form in the darkness. Its eyes were the same color as hers...a crimson pinkish color. It then spoke to her "Little one...do you desire friends? Are you tired of being alone?"....she was scared...but she nodded softly..."I will be your friend, all you have to do is accept me into your heart...and you will never be alone again..." She was scared...she was about to reach her hand out...but she saw what looked like a grin on the creatures face...so she receded her hand quickly...and woke up. She was panting heavily...She passed it off as just a nightmare...and continued her life as normal. But she was still being beaten by kids at school...

When she was 13, even in middle school, her life wasnt any better. Through the years, she had begun seeping out more and more of her pyro abilities. Her flames though, they werent normal flames like you'd see in an anime or TV show. They werent Orange...they were Pinkish Red. Like a Crimson. She thought this was weird...but she kept this a secret from her parents. She had heard stories being told of the villages legend of the demon who possesed the women. She had begun to make the connection between that women and her. She had seen the demon in her dreams only that one time a long time ago. But she knew he'd be back to talk to her again. But that wasnt all she was worrying about...In 13 years she hadnt made a single friend...everyone in her village hated her. She was beginning to fall apart even more...And her will...was slowly breaking...

When she was 15...Something happened that changed her life...She made a friend...This friend...Nayuki...She was a very pretty and sociable girl. She went over...and talked to Miyako. She introduced herself and asked her questions...like her hobbies and what she likes. Miyako didnt trust her at first...but she soon realized that she was nice and she could make a friend. So she returned and talked to her too. They soon became great friends...But as you know...nothing lasts forever...and this friendship was never meant to be...as their lives were far to different.

One day, on the way home from school with Nayuki. They were stopped at the game by 90% of the kids from their school. They realized they were surrounded by all the kids. And they didnt look happy or like they wanted to just talk. One of them grabbed Nayuki by the Hair, pushed Miyako down and started beating Nayuki. And it wasnt just punching and kicking. Some brought weapons like Bats, Crowbars etc. They started beating her. When Miyako tried to run and protect her...they grabbed Miyako by her hair too and held her there...the kid that held her said "This is what happens when a Monster like you makes a friend...you are always going to alone you freak...you dont deserve friends...Now watch as your precious friend dies for your sake!". Miyako's eyes widened...she then heard a voice in her head..."Do you want to save her?"..."Yes..." Whispered Miyako...."Do you want to save her?"..."Yes...i do..." She whispered again..."Then accept me...we can save her...together...that is what you want...right?"..."Yes...i do..." she whispered again...The kid heard her whispering and knee'd her in the back and said "Shut up and watch!"..."Accept me...and your suffering will end..."...Miyako thought hard about it...she was crying...she wanted to save her friend...a side of her arose...a dark side..a side where she wanted revenge...but she soon realized that thinking this way was wrong...and she suppresed that dark side...then said "I accept you...but on 1 condition..."..."Condition?" Replied the Demon..."Yes...you will let ME be in control...and you will stay quiet unless i ask you for something..."...The demon thought about this...then sighed and said "I accept your conditions, you are the first to ever talk back like that...i am intrigued about what you will do with your newfound abilties...The contract has been sealed..."...An Insignia then appeared on her Forehead...which then turned into a Hairclip that appeared on her hair...She then Burst into Flames and shot the kid who was holding her back. The kids who were beating her friend...turned and looked..with fear. Miyako got up and started walking...each step...the ground cracked and shook...Her eyes were glowing a Crimson Pink...Flames were engulfing her...but they werent Orange flames...like that time long ago...they were Crimson Flames...She then walked into the middle...picked up her friend...Held out 1 hand...And a huge burst of flames shot out in all directions...Burning...and Killing...all of the kids.

When all this was over...she had passed out...when she woke up...she was still there...surrounded by all those she killed...She then looked at her friend who had woken up...she smiled and said "...im glad...your ok..."..her friend looked at her...but not in appreciation or happiness...but in fright...she backed away from her...and said "Freak...you really are a freak! YOU MONSTER! I CANT BELIEVE I WAS FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE LIKE YOU!"...she then ran away...Tears engulfed her eyes...and Miyako screamed...Flames Burst out and Surrounded her in a Pillar of Crimson Flames...as though the Flames were crying out. The Pillar reached so far up...her parents saw it...and realized she had awoken. But it was different then what everyone had assumed. She had control over it. She was in charge, not the demon. But she knew, that no one would believe her if she said that. So she fled the village...Wandering into the outside world...outside of the confounds of the village...Into the unknown world...She wandered around for 2 years...aimlessly. Using her powers to catch animals for food, building shelters...And to defend herself. When she was in the wilds, she made Wristbands, in which she imbued part of her powers into, in which they now act as Limiters. They limit the amount of power she can use and how much fire she can conjure. After this, She finally reached a city...something she had never seen before. It was huge...shimmering lights...giant billboards...hundreds of thousands of people...walking around in clothes that she had never seen before. She entered the city hesitantly...still having nowhere to go...she wandered the streets aimlessly...2 years had gone by since she left her home...and now...she searches for a new home...and a new place to live...where they will accept her...for who...or what...she is.

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Re: Miyako - The Crimson Flame ~Background Story~

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