[Tutorial] Replacing Mechs in the Game

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[Tutorial] Replacing Mechs in the Game

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:05 am

1. Download a mech

2. Confirm You want to USE that mech to replace the original ones

3. Go to C:\\Program Files\Ultimate Knight WindomXP or the directory for your UKWXP game

4. Enter and then find the robo folder

5. Enter and then find the mech u wanna replace in the correct folder.. [I use the uppermost folder cuz its easy to look for]

6. Empty the robo folder 1st [its easier that way.. made backup if u want to]

7. Copy the downloaded mech content AND paste it into the selected folder.. [Copy and PASTE THE CONTENT inside.. DONT COPY THE FOLDER ITSELF]

8. Ur done!! have fun..

Btw,.. just read this and use this info wisely.. Im just posting because I had nothing to do and U seem like needing help.. thats all

PS: Im just a NEWB.. dun stab me..

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