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Credits Posting [joke][do as you like don't listen to this shit]

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Credits Posting [joke][do as you like don't listen to this shit] Empty Credits Posting [joke][do as you like don't listen to this shit]

Post by CometStrife Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:52 pm

none of the bellow statement is to be taken seriously, it's a JOKE!

When you are posting mods, make sure to add credits. If you don't know how, follow this format, to get the minimum safe pass.

Also TRY NOT post something like "Credits: me" or "Script: me" for Mechas, it tells us nothing, and you may receive an infraction/warning for it. The reason for it being only Mechas is due to its nature. There is an extremely large number of Mecha modders, and it would be rather hard to keep track of the original author once there are many posts. You can, however, post "Credits: me" etc in the non-mecha downlaods

By omitting the credits, it may be seen as a form of plagerism and you guys should not carry this bad habits with you. If you carry those habits with you, in life you will only suffer in most of the places you go to. So consider this as part of your online education.

3D Model:

Colour Materials:
Texture Materials:

Archive Credits: [If applicable]

You are allowed to post the credits for these as you like, so long as the author is known.
Having said that, it does not mean that the credits for these are not important or redundant.
So long as it is obvious enough who made the mod, that would be enough.

1st Time Offender: One Warning
2nd Time Offender: Two Warnings
3rd Time Offender: Three Warnings
4th Time Offender: Four Warnings
5th Time Offender: Banned for 10 days
6th Time Offender: Banned for 30 days
7th Time Offender: Banned for 50 days
8th Time Offender: Banned for 70 days
9th Time Offender: Banned for 90 days
10th Time Offender: Permanent Ban

I think the chances given are very very lenient already. There is a limit to how much one can endure before they burst and rage.

This is the bare minimum already. Also if you are only re-editing a script.ani, then post the credit of the original author, BEFORE you post yours. If and only if the author allows permission for you to redistribute however you want, post the website to substantiate your claim.

For mix-match mods, Phantomus Grey Coffin is an exemplary example. Follow how he does it and you should be fine. Other than that, you can follow Omphai or Xnider's crediting format. Do try to make a comprehensive list of where you get the parts from, to prevent misunderstandings.

If I have spoilt your mood here at Winz00e because of this post, please ask yourself what you have been doing, and place yourself in the shoes of the real author of the mod first. Would you like it if you made an awesome mod and someone else just steals it away, make minor changes and says that it is his/hers? Unless you are willing to allow people to freely steal away your work, otherwise you would feel very very upset.

If decide to allow people to redistribute your work, then make it clear in the thread that you post.

If you are afraid of making wrong credits due to reasons (eg. First time modder, and so on)
"I need help with my credits" and you WILL NOT receive any infractions of sorts. The community would then advise you on how you should go about to post them, so don't worry.

This will be enforced with effect from 1st October 2012 00:00 Hours (12:00A.M.)

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