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Winz00e FAQs Empty Winz00e FAQs

Post by Minty Kitty Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:11 pm

Frequently asked questions!

Questions about the forum:

If you've got a question about a specific section or thread, you can report it if there's something wrong (dead links, abusive language, it's your thread and you want to change it's title, anything wrong or bad like that) or else message the appropriate staff member.

Q: How can I change my username/delete my account?
A: Any issues with your account should be sent in a private message to any Moderator or Admin who will deal with it promptly. Please note that we do not delete accounts.
Q: I registered a few days ago and still don't have a confirmation mail to fully activate my account!
A: There is no need to activate your account.
Q: How do I become a staff member/moderator?
A: Typically, the current staff discusses whether or not we need any new moderators and recommend active users they've seen behaving maturely. I usually then make final decisions. Occasionally though there will be a thread in the Announcements and News section asking for staff applicants, in which case you can apply there.
Q: Can I have help with my signature/avatar?
A: Once you have 30 posts, ask in the Graphics Request section.
Q: Why can't I post in a certain section?
A: Some sections have a post count requirement in order to post in them, see the Rules Section for more info.
Q: How can I change my custom user title?
A: Members with more than 500 posts can change their user title to whatever they see suitable, After reaching that amount of post count,you just need to contact a Admin or Moderator and they will change it for you to whatever you like, as long as its in Reason :)
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