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A Gentle Note

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A Gentle Note Empty A Gentle Note

Post by CometStrife Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:33 am


This section of the forum is dedicated to your learning needs about UKWXP Modding.
Most of the tutorials have been screened and have been scrutinised before being posted.

There are however, somethings that I hope that you will adhere to

1) Clarify before jumping into conclusions
If you don't understand the tutorial, do not be quick to dismiss it as crap/rubbish. Do make it a point to clarify your mistakes first. At the end of the day, the one trying to learn is you, not the author of the threads themselves.

2) Provide comments
Instead of giving negative feedback (eg. "You suckkk dude", "Screw off, rubbish", Et cetera, Et cetera), provide constructive feedback on where you think the thread has failed in your eyes (eg. "I do not understand what you are saying", "You are too wordy", "What you are saying is wrong") as a post to the thread.

3) Be thankful
The modders/authors have spent their precious time writing the tutorials/guides/solutions FOR YOU. So if you feel that it has helped you one way or another, click the (+) at the top right hand corner of the first post in the thread to show your appreciation by raising the reputation of the modder/author.

Here is a pictorial guide
A Gentle Note Rep
Modders/Authors are also people, who get motivated to write better tutorials/guides/solutions if you encourage them.

This also includes, the forbidden act of posting or leeching out tutorials for use in other websites, without the original author's permission. If you are caught doing that, we would have no choice but to ban you from the modding section for life. So don't force us to do that. Instead of leeching, kindly re-direct them to this website instead.

Well, there is nothing else and enjoy learning about the World of Windom Modding!

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