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Becoming A Modder

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Becoming A Modder Empty Becoming A Modder

Post by CometStrife Sat Dec 01, 2012 8:16 am

This is a note for all aspiring modders.

So you have gotten fed-up with the game. You are frustrated. Or maybe you just want to change some things in the game. Or simply put, you want to become a modder.

There are somethings that you'll need on your path to becoming a modder.

    1. Time
    2. Patience
    3. Learning Abilities

It is no easy feat to become a modder. Anyone can just talk and request for stuff, but a modder is different. A modder CREATES THEIR OWN STUFF.

Without time, practically, you should reconsider about becoming a modder.

First things that you need are probably tools.
Becoming a modder requires you to change the mechanics of the game. Changing by playing with 3D Models, attacks, textures and more.

I'll assume that you are able to encrypt and decrypt WindomXP Files on your own. If you do not, kindly ask for help at the Help! Section. If you lack the tool to encrypt or decrypt files, visit this Entranscode and download it. Just a heads-up, it does have a "trojan" in it, but you can be assured that it is harmless. It is just the way the tool is made that gave this "trojan"

You can edit 3DModels after DECRYPTING THEM, with 3D Moddelling tools such as
Deep Exploration 5.7 or
3DSMax 2010 / Maya 2011

You'll also need an Hex Editing Software such as
Hex Workshop or
HxD Hex Editor

Next, you can start by deciding what you want to mod. If it is the models, you can start by learning how to root (or in layman's terms, colouring the mech and ensuring that the colour appears appropriately and correctly). You can learn this from the dozens of examples from all of the downloads available here at Winz00e.
Visit the links to find out more
[Tutorial] Compilation of Rooting Techniques
[Tutorial] How to Fix Colours in UKWXP Mods

If you want to edit the attacks of mechs, you can visit the ANI tutorial here. [Tutorial] Simple .ANI Tutorial
The script.ani files or .hod files are to be opened with the Hex Editing Software.

If you want to edit textures, it is likely to be easier. What you need are skills in photoshop, and you c an just easily replace a texture by encrypting it with the Entranscode or viewing them by decrypting them with the Entranscode. This allows you to easily replace the textures.

If you want to edit maps, learn more about it at the Map tutorial here. [Tutorial] Comprehensive Map Modding
Map Modding is similar to 3DModelling and script.ani changing combined. You'll need to learn to use both 3D Editing Software (Map features), as well as Hex Editing software (map.mpd)

If you want to change sounds, it is much simpler. Ensure that your sound is changed to .OGG format, has a frequency of 44,100Hz or less, and it is mono-enabled.
Visit the Sound Guide for more information: [Tutorial] Adding Simple BGM or Background Music

If you want to make pilots, you can always try make simple pilots by learning how to change them with the Pilot Editor: Pilot Editor, 100% Translated

Well, these are just guides for you to follow. They are not very informative, but they'll be able to help you get started. Everything else is just up to you and your thirst for knowledge. Hope to get more of you to start modding!

For more help, visit: Winz00e Modding Headquarters

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Becoming A Modder Empty Re: Becoming A Modder

Post by Pain(God) Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:44 pm

Me from Malaysian ^ ^ I never give Up in modding...

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