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Post your records/feats on Dragons Dogma: DA!

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Post your records/feats on Dragons Dogma: DA! Empty Post your records/feats on Dragons Dogma: DA!

Post by Minty Kitty Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:44 pm

1st Feat (that i jotted down):


Hard Mode NG+

AA + AT + Staff Light Atk = Crowd Control Shotgun
AA + AT + GC + FMS + Ferocity = The Dragon in 5 seconds (not even shitting u)
AA + AT + GC + FMS + Ferocity = UR Dragon in 1 Minute and 50 Seconds

Thats my record/method for Killing the Dragon and UR Dragon in those times.

Lvl 142


-All Maxed

Equipment (Downgraded to see if i could do it with lower tier EQ):

Silver Vest (EH 2*) Griffic Armor (No Helm~ Plate EH 3*, Gauntlets EH 3*, FCH S:DF, Greaves EH 2*) WHC (White Hawk Cape: EH 2*) + Bastard Sword (EH 1*) + Angels Sanctum + MK:Ring + Dragonsblood


-FMS (Full Moon Slash)
-GC (Great Cannon)
-SF (Stone Forest)

-HC (H Comestation)
-HF (H Frigor)
-HB (H Brontide)

M Shield;
-HF (Holy Fortress)
-AA (Abyssal Anguish)
-AT (Abyssal Trance)

-Leg Strength
-Athleticism (Special)

OH and the only Dragonforged Equipment was the Full Chain Hosen, and the Cape.

Minty Kitty
Minty Kitty

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