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UKWXP Items/Equipments

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UKWXP Items/Equipments Empty UKWXP Items/Equipments

Post by Guest Wed Feb 03, 2016 6:34 pm

I don't know why I make a topic like this. I think no one cares about the Windom XP in non-Japanese regions since the Windom SV's got an update. But at least I did something here. Pleasee

So items... the reason to play Arcade mode time to times. The items always increase something and never decrease anything. A 'D' class should give you 1% for one stat, while the 'S' class specials add 20% for almost every stat.The value what the item display is always in the percentage of the base stat. During the tournament it was not just allowed, but was always enabled. It was not requirement to have, but it help a lot against ace pilots.

So, have anyone anything to share in this discussion?

For me, here is the overall item-changes on the BlackComb:

   |              | Weapons |               |
   | Long Distance Attack Power------| +30% |
   | Short Distance Attack Power-----| +34% |
   |               | Armor |                |
   | Beam Defense Power--------------| +40% |
   | Physical Defense Power----------| +39% |
   | Short Defense Power-------------| +40% |
   |             | Generator |              |
   | Max Energy----------------------| +61% |
   | Energy Recovery-----------------| +59% |
   | Max Boost-----------------------| +62% |
   | Boost Recovery------------------| +59% |

With the base 80 damage per rifle, while having two rifle, this additional power mean it can do 208 damage with a single shot. When it comes to defense, it closely has 2800 in constant, no matter how the opponent attack. At the first moment it seems like too much for me. But back then everyone had similar equipments. And sometimes the team was not full, and two fight against four. It was so good when the match ended, and the new players asked us to teach some tricks. :)

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