[Guide] Installing Applocale

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[Guide] Installing Applocale Empty [Guide] Installing Applocale

Post by CometStrife on Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:52 am

1) Download Microsoft AppLocale Utility Tool from here Microsoft AppLocale

2) Move the apploc.msi application to your C:// Folder. Allow any administrator permissions.
[Guide] Installing Applocale 1_2
[Guide] Installing Applocale 2_2
[Guide] Installing Applocale 3_1

3) Search for "cmd" without the quotation marks on your computer, and right click on it. Click on "Run as administrator" and allow any administrator permissions once again.
[Guide] Installing Applocale 4_1

4) Key in "C://apploc.msi" without the quotation marks, into the black box that appears (Don't worry, just follow through) and hit Enter. The window to install AppLocale should pop up.
[Guide] Installing Applocale 5_1

5) Install AppLocale like any other programs. Once you are done, you should get this
[Guide] Installing Applocale 6_1

Enjoy =D

[Guide] Installing Applocale S1UsX

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